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Our promise to you

You can trust us. Each day our programs reach thousands of young Aussies and that’s only possible because of caring people like you who donate to Canteen. But there are more young people impacted by cancer and your gifts can ensure they never have to face cancer alone.

We're committed to showing you evidence of the impact your generosity makes right from the start.

Photo of a young person. Support cancer patients with a Canteen cancer donation.

Join the CanDo Family of monthly supporters today and you can expect:

  • Stories of impact, directly from the young people you're supporting


  • Statistics and reporting on the impact of every dollar you give


  • Opportunities to tell us directly how we're doing

Start your monthly gift today, and let us prove to you the power of your generosity. You can revise your gift at any time, for any reason.

Elliott - Canteen youth ambassador. Canteen cancer donations in Australia help support cancer patients and research.

Elliott's story

"I'm helping other young people like me recover from cancer, by showing them how to give back the life that cancer tried to take away."

Elliott endured six years of hospitals, surgeries, transplants and treatments, but he didn't do it alone. He had a loving family, committed healthcare professionals, and thanks to Canteen he had a caring community who welcomed him with open arms.

Nowadays, Elliott is a youth ambassador for Canteen, making sure no young person like him has to face cancer alone. He shares his story to encourage young Aussies facing cancer to reach out for help, so they know it is there whenever they need it.

When caring people like you come forward like this, you help make every moment matter for these young Australians facing cancer.

Make every moment matter

A young Aussie's life was turned upside down by cancer today. Tomorrow, another. The sooner you start, the greater your impact. Start your monthly gift today and we'll prove it.

Support Canteen
and change lives.

Your donation supports the brightest minds in cancer research working on treatments and cures for every cancer, every patient, everywhere.